Letters between classes

6-12 years

IMPLEMENTATION OPTIONS: extracurricular/ within the framework of Architecture in my city – ch. The place
GUIDED BY: technology/art education teacher/teacher + volunteer architect (resource person)
PLACE: classroom
ACTIVE: since 2017


Every year, in the period before the winter holidays, De-a Arhitectura invites the classes enrolled in its programs to write illustrated “letters” for Christmas, thus connecting friends at a distance. The topic sounds like this: Which places in your cities or villages are you most proud of, which tourist attractions or lesser-known places, but with a special meaning for you, have you discovered, which streets, buildings, parks, squares would you recommend to your new friends if they came to visit you? Children “tell” about the neighborhoods, cities or villages in which they live through drawings, collages, models, photographs or other illustration tools. Each class finds out the recipient of the letter after confirming participation. The letters are sent by the class teacher via the Romanian Post.

Ioana Anghel-Rizea-idea and project developement.