August 28, 2018


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We build through education. Our construction increases when:

  • Both children and adults understand and cherish the values of built environment and become active citizens in their local communities
  • Built environment professionals get involved in society through education
  • Games, experiments and creativity foster education

Sponsorizarea Asociaţiei va ajuta la continuarea şi dezvoltarea proiectelor prezentate. Iată ce vom putea face:

Sponsoring the De-a arhitectura Association will help to continue and develop the presented projects. Here’s what we can do:

  • Provide access to the course for more children in schools across the country by providing them with the teaching material (student’s notebook, DIY materials, supplies for city expeditions)
  • Continue organizing inspirational meetings of children with architects.
  • Continue and expand the training of architects and teachers for the educational projects of the De-a arhitectura program.
  • Thank the children, teachers and architects who are all volunteers courageously involved in the development of the course: by supporting the events of the final presentations and their awards.
  • Develop our long-term activity and improve the visibility of our actions

Here are the ACTIVITY REPORTS (Romanian) of the De-a arhitectura Association. Stand by us!


Contribute directly:

Asociaţia De-a Arhitectura

Tax ID: 31137149
Bank account: RO63BACX0000000842075001, Unicredit Bank

We can NOW take a step together for better cities TOMORROW. You will have the satisfaction of your personal contribution to a more educated, truly urban and informed society. A change in the paradigm of the architectural and urban culture of the present Romanian society can only be achieved by educating the children, future citizens and indirect opinion trainers of their parents.

Thank you!

De-a arhitectura Team