Let’s take a step together NOW for better cities TOMORROW. We build through education. Add your brick to the future of children and young people in Romania.

Your donations will help continue and develop projects for children and young people, guided by built environment professionals and teachers.

At De-a Arhitectura, we believe that the solution for a better future for our cities and villages lies in the education of our children and young people. Our programmes offer them skills and knowledge that are often overlooked in traditional education, such as critical thinking, creativity, and civic responsibility towards the built and natural environment.

As a community of built environment professionals and teachers since 2011, we strive to provide access to educational programmes that raise awareness of how we can improve our lives and the quality of the environment we live in. We believe in the power of education to instill confidence in the next generation of citizens to become active participants in the development of their communities and to be involved in creating a beautiful, livable, inclusive, and sustainable environment.

By exposing them to experiential learning, we provide children with the resources and tools necessary to understand the complexity of the built environment in which they live, giving them the opportunity to make informed decisions for their future.

Join us! Our programmes have helped thousands of children to develop skills and competencies that are not usually taught in traditional Romanian education. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that your contribution helps create a positive impact on the lives of children, teachers, and built environment professionals in Romania.

Donate now and become part of our community!

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