De-a pedagogia

PROGRAM FOR: architecture tutors
DEVELOPMENT OPTIONS: the workshops are held within the Architecture Training programs
ACTIVE: since 2019


Under the umbrella of De-a Pedagogia projects are developed to help our facilitators enhance the children’s learning process. While teachers benefit from pedagogy courses in their training and have the advantage of being familiar with children, architects often feel unprepared to relate to young ones when they start teaching or conducting workshops.

“De-a Pedagogia – Collection of Methods and Games” (2020) is a selection of methods and techniques specific to non-formal and traditional education with the purpose of capturing attention, establishing an effective working atmosphere during De-a Arhitectura workshops or classes, and energizing moments when apathy sets in. We all desire attentive, interested, and engaged children during activities within De-a Arhitectura workshops or classroom activities. Lack of attention is endemic in our fast-paced culture, with so many media and information sources distracting us. However, it’s necessary to have the children’s attention from the beginning of the session to establish order, follow our daily plan, and facilitate learning. The activities presented in this collection need to be adapted based on the group’s specifics or the instructor’s personality.

“De-a Pedagogia 2.0 – Methods and Digital Collaborative Work Tools” (2022) responded to the challenges related to remote teaching. Facilitators realized that the emotion, the joy of meeting children, and the way to interact with them and guide them seemed difficult to achieve or manage online, especially in hybrid formats (students and teacher in class, architect online). They often avoided this kind of interaction, particularly because they nostalgically remembered the moments spent in the classroom. From this, the idea was born to identify and present some examples of good practice within online workshops that would help them in relating to children, even when they are at a great distance, to feel like part of the group, to convey and feel emotion even in this version, and to have access to methods and collaborative work tools suitable for the specifics of De-a Arhitectura activities.


“De-a Pedagogia – Collection of Methods and Games”: arch. Ioana Anghel-Rizea, teacher Pisică (Teach for Romania teacher), graphic design: arch. Veronica Sava, project coordinator: arch. Corina Croitoru
“De-a Pedagogia 2.0 – Methods and Digital Collaborative Work Tools”: teacher Cristina Pisică, arch. Aurelia Axente-Stan, arch. Cristina Dumitrescu, arch. Ioana Anghel-Rizea, project coordinator: Aurelia Axente-Stan.