Casa Ienăchiță

PROGRAMme for: general public, 9+





Casa Ienăchiță is an educational project initiated by the De-a Arhitectura association with the aim of bringing to public attention a set of principles and useful information regarding the renovation of existing houses that are neither heritage buildings nor monumental buildings.

The De-a Arhitectura Association aims to bring built environment education not only to children but also to adults and the general public, promoting the values of the built heritage environment and the quality of urban life. In this case, we propose a project that sheds light on a less known and popular area among the general public. Through this project, we aim to provide a set of basic knowledge and an intervention guide adapted to the language of the general public.

What the project entails:

The city is transforming daily into one that is losing its valuable architecture and historic appearance. Construction techniques that depend on craftsmanship and skill are being lost. As a society, we lose a built fund carrying culture, history, and aesthetics. Intervention on existing buildings, whether historical or not, is most often done without knowledge of principles, materials, and current legislation. The legislation regulating the field refers either to historical monuments – Law 448 – or to protected built areas. Any other old house, whether valuable or not, is not legislatively protected from inappropriate interventions.

On Ienăchiță Văcărescu Street, at number 50, there is a property undergoing the process of renovation, consolidation, and rehabilitation typical of historic buildings, a process that many properties in the city go through but are irreparably destroyed during this process.

Old buildings – historical inevitably go through renovation and rehabilitation. Correct understanding of the issues and providing correct solutions for intervention is essential for protecting the value of both the property and the entire city. The project aims to make known the main steps of an intervention on a historical building, as well as the correct ways to intervene.

Project objectives:

  • Familiarizing the general public with the main steps of an intervention on a historical building, as well as the correct ways to intervene.
  • Protecting the built environment.
  • Increasing the culture of the built environment on a specific and urgent topic.
  • Presenting the principles of approaching historical buildings to increase the level of information and education of the general public.
  • Positively influencing interventions that do not go through the authorization process and those that do, but whose implementation does not meet quality requirements.

The project unfolds in 12 episodes – video clips of approximately 10-15 minutes each, filmed on-site, in which both the principles and intervention measures, context, legislation, constraints, materials, and correct techniques for interventions will be explained. These episodes will be accompanied by resource materials and, over time, will be the basis of educational activities and materials for children aged 9-12 and 13-16 years.


concept & coordination: Eliza Yokina
project manager, content and coordination: Viorica Popescu
graphics and editing: Veronica Sava
filming: Lucian Calugarescu
communication: Vio Dan