De-a arhitectura in Kindergarten

4-6 years

DURATION: 12 sessions, 45-60 minutes each
– one school year – medium/large group – extracurricular, club type
TEACHING METHOD: learning through play and construction
TYPE OF CURRICULUM: interdisciplinary and integrative (arts + sciences)
TEACHED BY: architect from the De-a arhitectura team (resource person) + an educator (facilitator)
PLACE: classroom or kindergarten yard
ACTIVE: since 2015

De-a arhitectura in Kindergarten includes 12 architecture and built environment workshops designed especially for preschoolers, which are based on direct and unique experiences of the built environment they are familiar with, through games that stimulate creativity and the spirit of observation. The program benefits from a guide for the mentoring architect in pdf format and a library of images.

Why it is important for the little ones to come into contact with the field of architecture:

  • architecture education involves a holistic vision, in other words, children will touch very varied fields in this program, managing to make connections between them very easily;
  • availability for sensory experimentation is maximum at preschool age, once the method is “learned”, children will use it later, naturally;
  • for developing the expression of feelings, ideas, concerns, but also understanding and listening to others;
  • for the pleasure of individual, group or team play;
  • for encouraging personal initiative, communication skills and activating civic and community spirit.

arch. Claudia Bingöl (programme concept, text, drawings, curicullum), arch. Mina Sava (course structure, editing, curriculum), ps teacher Gianina Vanca (school curriculum), int. arch. Mădalina Bold, arch. Aurelia Axente-Stan, ps teacher Cristina Petrescu, arch. Ioana Anghel-Rizea (digital version update), arch. Veronica Sava (digital version graphics).