De-a arhitectura 1:1

6-12 years

DURATION: 4 sessions – 2 hours each
DEVELOPMENT: weekend activity
DIRECTED BY: architect resource person, De-a arhitectura
PLACE: at the participants’ home
ACTIVE: from 2021

In 2021, we launched De-a arhitectura1:1 – weekend activities on a 1:1 basis (child-mentor architect) that take place at home, in an environment familiar to the children. In this setting, the young ones discover or delve deeper into the world of architecture and the built environment through hands-on workshops. Here, they have the opportunity, alongside a professional from the built environment, to combine imagination with reality, to learn through play, and to put their ideas into practice by exploring themes specially created by our architects.

The workshops use educational materials developed in the De-a arhitectura mini, De-a arhitectura in My City programs, and in the #DeaArhitecturaAtHome challenges. They will offer children unique experiences rooted in reality, complementing the subjects and notions studied at school. These activities will help them develop their manual skills and satisfy their natural needs for dreaming and playing.

Through these activities, we aim to help shape and strengthen the children’s personalities, develop critical thinking from an early age, so that in the future, whether they choose a profession in the field of architecture and the built environment or not, they have the necessary knowledge to live in balance within a community.

The architects guiding these activities are true “veterans” in De-a Arhitectura. They have both the experience of classroom activities and that of the De-a Arhitectura Club workshops. Without them, we wouldn’t bring architecture closer to the young ones in playful and interesting ways – each mentor comes not only with a wealth of knowledge acquired during the 5-6 years of college but also with the experience gained in professional life, their unique personality, and style. The children benefit from interacting with a professional from the built environment.