Club Workshoops

3-16 years

DURATION: 3 hours (unless otherwise specified in the event description)
IMPLEMENTATION OPTIONS: extracurricular, weekend or holiday activity
TEACHING METHOD: experiential learning through practical activity or urban exploration
TYPE OF CURRICULUM: interdisciplinary and integrative (arts + sciences)
GUIDED BY: an architect/ town planner/ designer/ landscaper
PLACE: event partner space/ on expedition in the locality/ online
ACTIVE: since 2013


Whether they want to become architects, discover a hidden talent, love to tinker and explore the city, or simply want to expand their general knowledge, children who come to the De-a Arhitectura Club and who are not enrolled in our school courses have the opportunity to have their first encounter with the fascinating world of architecture.

Activities take place at our partners’ locations: museums, architecture and design events, libraries, local branches of the Order of Architects of Romania – in old or new spaces that are valuable examples of architecture in themselves and offer numerous learning opportunities.

Urban exploration activities, grouped under the name Urban Detectives, give children the chance to get to know, on their own, the locality in which they live, to observe the architecture of buildings in detail, to naturally develop orientation skills, and to ask questions about the quality of the built environment of their locality.