August 28, 2018


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The assistance we offer to schools includes the training of those who will teach the optional courses in the following school year. The teachers of the selected classes and the volunteer architects who will support them are brought together to strengthen the collaboration in the preparation and teaching of the lessons, to deepen the content of the educational program, to practice interactive learning methods and to benefit from the transfer of experiences from one school year to another.

Depending on the chosen educational program, before the start of each school year:

  • we guide the future “De-a arhitectura tutors” in the individual study of methodological and didactic materials to familiarize with the structure and content of the course, to define the need for support from our association and clarifying some organizational aspects necessary to be undertaken by the school institution to conduct the course (July – August);
  • we facilitate local meetings for clarifications and experience exchange (beginning of September, for the tutors of the “De-a arhitectura mini” and “De-a arhitectura in my school” course);
  • we lead regional training workshops focused on building the teacher-volunteer team, optimal planning of non-formal educational activities, simulations of using methods and experiential learning techniques (end of August – beginning of September, for tutors of the course “De-a arhitectura in my city “)

Training activities are run by experienced built environment and education specialists, facilitators and experienced trainers directly involved in designing or implementing the De-a Arhitectura educational programs.

After completing training activities, tutors receive our certification in order to be able to teach the courses and to serve them for their professional portfolio.

The Romanian Union of Architects (UAR) provided financial support from the very beginning for the training courses “De-a arhitectura in my city” till 2017. This direct meeting to prepare for the implementation of this challenging course is essential for the proper functioning of each team consisting of a teacher and a resource facilitator.

The Romanian Order of Architects (OAR) provides financial and logistic support for the training of tutors for the „De-a arhitectura mini” course and from 2017 finances all the training courses.

For secondary and high school, “De-a arhitectura in my school” is a new course that will find financial support for training from professional organizations.

This support for the training of architects-facilitators proves that the professional organizations of the Romanian architects have assumed the objectives related to the active involvement of the professionals in the society through education.

Every year, the participants in the training mark us the necessity and usefulness of these activities, appreciate the professionalism and involvement of those who lead it, the balance between the theoretical information and the practical activities and consider the sessions to familiarize with the proposed content and methods, to simulate the sequence of lessons and those that prepare the collaboration between teacher and volunteer very useful.

During the training programs, you can find the necessary information below.

Training „De-a arhitectura mini”online training

Training „De-a arhitectura în oraşul meu” – study materials


This project is supported by the Romanian Order of Architects, from the Architectural Stamp Duty.