August 28, 2018


The purpose of this course is to encourage children’s power and pleasure to imagine, especially those children who have just enter the school gate. We belive that such experiences can create habits for the future and, what can be more wonderful than the power of imagination? The story is the motivation of spatial generation, based on which the didactic approach is structured. The course includes two chapters of 17 lessons each: the first chapter that runs during the first semester (before the February holiday) is called “Grifonel and Seminţica” and the second is called “Cities, Castles, Fortresses “.

As with the 3rd and 4th grade courses, the architect-teacher tandem is welcome. However, the guide for this course is designed so that it can also be taught only by the teacher. Each lesson has an appendix of teaching materials from which you can start in educational adventures.

We hope that this course, together with all the other activities of De-a arhitectura, will bring us even closer to our goal of encouraging children to do their own special children’s work: Imagine. We dare hope so in a future generation of adults initiated into the power and pleasure of imagining.

Parents will not lose any of this, since all children will want to present their works at home almost weekly.

Download the course presentation in PDF format here (Romanian). Download course curriculum here (Romanian).


AGE: 6-9 years

  • one school year – 1st or 2nd grade – optional / extracurricular
  • two school years – preparatory, only semester II + 1st grade or 1st grade + 2nd grade – optional / extracurricular

TEACHING METHOD: learning by project

CURRICULUM TYPE: interdisciplinary (arts + sciences)
TEACHED BY: teacher + volunteer architect (resource person)
PLACE: the classroom, in the expedition around the school or in the city
REGISTRATIONS for the assistance provided by De-a Arhitectura Association during a school year: volunteer architects (in the period between March and August) and the teachers’ grades (during December-March)
PARTNERS: Ordinul Arhitecţilor din România

Cultural Program Development *: De-a Arhitectura Association
Author and coordinator of the “MINI Architecture” educational program: arch. Claudia Bingöl
Material organization and text editing: arch. Mina Sava
Drawings: arch. Claudia Bingöl
Photos: personal archive

The program was piloted in the 2014-2015 school year in:

  • Mark Twain International School, Bucureşti – teacher: Elena Ionescu, architect: Mădălina Bold
  • Şcoala Gimnazială „Ioan Bob”, Cluj-Napoca – teacher: Aurelia Bogdan, architect: Eliza Jurca
  • Colegiul Naţional „Emil Racoviţă”, Cluj-Napoca – teacher: Gianina Vanca, architect: Iulia Pătru
  • Școala Gimnazială „George Enescu”, Constanţa – teacher: Daniela Tresina, architect: Ana Maria Olteanu

In 2015 the teaching material was completed with the results obtained in the pilot application.


*„De-a arhitectura MINI” ” is a project of the cultural program: „De-a arhitectura – deschiderea şcolarilor către arhitectură şi mediu construit” 2011-2014, 2011-2014, cultural program developed by the De-a arhitectura Association with the support of the Bucharest Territorial Branch of the Romanian Order of Architects and in partnership with the Department of Education of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Bucharest.

The program is free for state schools.

This project is supported by the Romanian Order of Architects, from the Architectural Stamp Duty.