August 28, 2018



It is an adaptation of the educational program De-a arhitectura în my city for afterschool activities or children’s club. It includes two courses of 12 sessions each, in which the emphasis is on the practical DIY activities.

The first course brings pupils closer to the world of architects: “Imagine a place and build a house that suits it,” and the second one familiarizes them with a city planner’s “Imagine and build the happy city.”

The course can only be taught by an architect, he / she must have been a volunteer for at least one year in the De-a arhitectura in my city program, and have attended the training course for the tutors.

REGISTRATION: architects and clubs after school / children’s clubs / schools with school after school

AGE: 9-12 years

DURATION AND DEVELOPMENT MODE: 2 x 1 semester, 2 x 15 hours – club or afterschool activities

TEACHING METHOD: learning by project

CURRICULUM TYPE: interdisciplinary (arts + sciences)

TAUGHT BY: architect

PLACE: : classroom / workshop


A fee is charged for this program.