August 28, 2018


The De-a Arhitectura Association is preparing a new series of educational packages – “Safe Schools”, which will be accessible in schools in 2018-2019 with the support of  On Semiconductor. In 2016 the educational package was developed with the help of the Architects Order (OAR) Bucharest and the resources mobilized at Swimathonul Bucureşti 2016, and with the support of Siniat, Danfoss, Asociaţia KNX, Scat Sistem, Simbio.

We aimed to develop didactic material for classrooms, that is easy to use, friendly, and open (not just with answers, but also with questions and research themes).

We have developed the first stage kits because we want schoolchildren to be educated taking into account three major directions:

1. How do we recognize if we and the buildings we occupy frequently are prepared to keep us safe in the event of a disaster;

2. How we behave in the event of a disaster and what help we can expect from the institution (the school), the authorities;

3. After the disaster – health, psychological help, solidarity.

The project is dedicated to 6th, 7th and 8th grade schoolchildren and will include:

  • kits containing a card set, each dedicated to a notion, with explanations, icons and resources (see a link, invites a firefighter / architect / medical facility, etc.) + guidance for exploration / analysis of school space from safety view. This time we set out to go to schools through parents (those with technical background and training – engineers, architects, urbanists, interior designers) who will be challenged to wear the coat of volunteering to help shape the community in which evolves their own children at the beginning of adolescence.
  • in the second stage, a dedicated site hosting all the content, freely accessed. All the documentary material we have selected so far divided in several important categories will be accessible here: Romanian legislation in the field; how to do this type of education / training in other countries: framework and activities; good practices.
  • as far as we find resources, a simulation guide (available on the ISU website but not distributed) – can be sent to school as part of the kit above

The idea of ​​the project came after a meeting in November 2015 of the De-Arhitectura team following Colectiv tragedy.

Project team: The material was written and documented by arch. Oana Pavăl and arch. Maria Cristina Găvozdea. The graphics belong to the arch. Veronica Sava. Content Coordinator: arch. Miruna Grigorescu. Project Coordinator: arch. Corina Croitoru.

List of schools where we donated 1 “Safety for Schoolchildren Kit”