18+ years

PROGRAMME FOR: the mentors of De-a Arhitectura and for those who want to become mentors
IMPLEMENTATION OPTIONS: workshops held throughout the year
ACTIVE: since 2023


The “Arhitrainer” Program is dedicated to everyone who wants to get involved in built environment education and improve their facilitation skills in architecture and urbanism topics:

Module M – from Motivation – for those who don’t know where to start – where individuals curious about the association’s programs can learn everything they want to know directly from some of its founding members, local coordinators, and other experienced people in the De-a Arhitectura Network.

Module E – from Exchange of Experiences on Current Programs – for those who want to present their own mentoring experiences and also see the experiences of others.

Module C – from Creation of New Scenarios – project proposals from which new educational materials will result, etc.

Methods include:

  • Workshops with presentations, applications, and discussions (physical/online/hybrid)
  • Specially filmed materials for the Arhitrainer modules – on our YouTube channel and in SoMe
  • Recommended videos/bibliography/podcasts

For Whom?

  • Graduates or students of higher education programs who are or want to be involved in education: in the field of the built environment (architects, urban planners, landscape architects, interior designers, engineers, etc.), in art and culture, and other specialists who contribute to understanding and transforming the built environment: anthropologists, sociologists, lawyers, economists.
  • Teachers who want to use the built environment in their teaching activities.


arch. urb. Vera Marin