August 28, 2018


UIA Architecture & Children is one of the working groups of the International Union of Architects. It brings together architects from around the world involved in architectural and built environment education projects designed for children, aiming at promoting this area and exchanging best practices. One of its main activities is to organize the Golden Cubes Awards every three years.

The Romanian Order of Architects organized the Golden Cubes Awards national selection in Romania. The deadline for submitting the contest materials was January 23, 2017. More information about the national selection here and on the UIA Architecture & Children website.

The International Union of Architects (UIA) is a non-governmental organization, a global federation of national architectural associations. The goal of the UIA is to unite the architects of the world, without any form of discrimination. Of the 27 delegations present at the founding assembly in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1948, the UIA has grown to include the key professional organizations of 124 countries and territories, and now represents, through these organizations, nearly 1,300,000 architects worldwide.

Arch. Mina Sava (President of the De-a Arhitectura Association) is the representative of Romania from the Romanian Order of Architects (OAR) to the UIA Architecture and Children Working Group since 2015, while arch. Eliza Yokina (Founding Member of the De-a Arhitectura Association) is an alternate member.

Within the framework of the UIA work group, De-a Architectura made: the new working group logo, the new visual identity of the Golden Cubes Awards and the new design of the presentation flyer.