August 30, 2018


2017 Golde Cubes project gallery

The Golden Cubes Awards of the International Union of Architects is the most prestigious international competition that promotes environmental education initiatives for children and young people worldwide.

Since 2011 UIA WP Architecture and ChildrenUIA Built Environment Education Network has been organizing this Award. Since then, in its three editions, 563 projects have been submitted in national phases and 33 countries have participated.

At this triennial award (1st edition – 2011, 2nd edition – 2014, 3rd edition 2017, 4th edition  – 2020), the participants are invited to present their current or past activities or products that help children and young people – from pre-school age up to 18 years – understand architecture and processes through which the built environment is born.

Competitors are invited to present the activities or products they make to teach children and youngsters – from pre-school age to 18 years – to understand the architectural design and the processes that create the built environment. The prize is awarded for four categories:


In order to qualify at the international stage of the competition, competitors must first participate in the national selection. The winner of each category at national level qualifies for the international stage of the contest.

Following the national selection in February 2017, the project  Local Heritage, (re)source of inspiration – Fundația Universitatea de Vest Timișoara, was selected to represent Romania in the Institutions category. You can find more about all participating projects on the OAR site.

Between 5 and 8 April 2017, the international selection took place in Paris. Our colleague, Mina Sava, President of De-a Arhitectura, participated in the technical committee of the contest. All projects were exhibited at the World Architects Congress – Seul, South Coreea 2017, where the award ceremony took place and the winners had the honour to receive their Golden Cubes trophy from Toyo Ito.


You can find the winners of the 3rd Edition of the Golden Cubes (2017) here.