August 28, 2018


“De-a arhitectura in My Room” is a project dedicated to children from 4th-8th grade, initiated by the De-a Arhitectura Association. Through this project, De-a Arhitectura aims to provide children with a Practical Guide to Information and Inspiration to help them refurbish their room. With the help of the teaching material specially designed for them, children (with parents’ agreement) have the opportunity to step into a new world, that of architecture and interior design.


The second edition of the „De-a arhitectura in My Room” competition took place during January-June 2018. It started with the free distribution of the „De-a arhitectura in My Room” book – developed with the help from our partner Holcim – to all the students in 4th-8th grade, school year 2017-2018, that were involved in the „De-a arhitectura în orașul meu” and „De-a arhitectura în școala mea” programmes. „De-a arhitectura in My Room” book is a summary of the online „De-a arhitectura in My Room” guide.The students also received the worksheets necessary for the implementation of their project.

At this stage the project has been supported by our partners: Holcim România and AFI Cotroceni.

2nd Edition winners:

1st place: David Cozma, Ştefăneşti, Argeş
2nd place: Teodora Mateescu, Bucureşti
3rd place: Ana-Maria Arwen, Bucureşti

Here you can find a series of movies from the second stage of the competition’s 2nd edition, 2018:


The first edition of  „De-a arhitectura in My Room” was about creating the online guide „De-a arhitectura in My Room” and launching the competition that took place between March and July 2017.

At this stage the project has been supported by our partners: Duraziv and Siniat.

1st Edition winners:

1st place: Teodora Anna Colan, Târgovişte
2nd place: Flavia Birla, Bucureşti
3rd place: Victoria Savu, Bucureşti

Here you can find a series of movies from the first stage of the competition’s 1st edition, 2017:

*The visual elements used to promote the “De-a arhitectura in My Room” competition, 1st edition, contain images that have as their source:

Project team:

The material was written and documented by: arch. Maria Cristina Găvozdea, arch. Oana Pavăl şi arch. Claudia Bingöl.
Graphics: arch. Veronica Sava
Project coordinator: arch. Corina Croitoru