April 26, 2018


Built environment professionals, be they architects, planners, landscape architects, designers or engineers, participate in De-a Arhitectura programmes and transform them by their passion for the city and profession.


READ Inspiration for future architects but also for architects who like to question.

LOOK WHO WE We know that De-a arhitectura is something great because it also gathers amazing people. Together they create synergies that have the power to move mountains,and why not, cities. Go through the series of interviews with De-a Arhitectura volunteers who change the face of the world beyond the framework we have provided. We want you to know them better and let ourselves be inspired.

PROFESSIONALS At the beginning of 2014 De-a Arhitectura launched a series of interviews on the associations blog called PROFESSIONALS. We talk to people who are changing the world every day, people we like and believe in. And havesomething to say to adults arriving here.

To get an idea about the way the De-a arhitectura in my city classes work, here you can find a series of movies with demostrative lessons.