August 28, 2018




The quality of tomorrow’s architecture and built environment depends on today’s children. Children who will understand their environment and the processes that transforms it will become the responsible and active citizens of tomorrow. Therefore, we create and implement educational programs with valuable content. Children can find resources for learning through play. We want them to continue to inspire us!



School has the capacity to be that point where confidence in others is being built, for the progress of society, while teachers are the most important in this growing process of people, who know how to use their knowledge, how to collaborate, how to innovate. We wish to provide teachers concepts and teaching materials of the highest quality and to facilitate access to new educational strategies, as well as to human resources from the community.



Essential skills for personal development and lifelong learning are created within the family. Nowadays, parents are seeking information and experimentation opportunities for their children. We wish to have them by our side in this growing process, but also to amaze them with the enthusiasm and the capacity for beautiful growth of the small ones within De-a Arhitectura’s projects.



We assist the openness of the architects and built environment professionals towards the community, through our educational activities, thus paving communication channels previously inaccessible. Working with children, as well as interacting with the education system, stepping out of the comfort zone – are all experiences which change the architects that engage in De-a Arhitectura’s projects.