August 28, 2018



Raluca has been supporting De-a Arhitectura Association since 2013 by building and promoting our public image, helping us to increase awareness of De-a Arhitectura Association and guiding us with confidence and optimism.

“2% for De-a Arhitectura, is 100% for children and for your life in 10 years.

The local authorities, also known as Little Parliament, are elected through casting a vote. This year, in summer, we have elections. The entire rhetoric of the candidates is based on actions for the city, for the built environment in which we live. The children who study De-a Arhitectura’s courses could, at any given moment, ask these mayors more pertinent questions than their parents! In no more than two terms they will be allowed to vote. Meanwhile they would have received information, basic knowledge, a sense of space and a poetry of form. A practical course, which puts their minds and tiny hands to work, which explains the sensations of the city and what it could be.

Architecture education means visual art, urbanism, geometry, dimensions, perception and common sense. For this it is totally worth getting involved in supporting the teams of volunteers who have undertaken the responsibility of giving what the system has failed to provide. Volunteers who’ve went beyond who haven’t accepted the preconceived limitations of living in Romania, because they understood that Romania is in each of us. And the ‘De-a Arhitectura children’ are so beautiful, both on the inside and outside! Their beauty will reflect upon our cities and our lives. With a little patience and the 2%. I am honored to be a ‘De-a Arhitectura’ ambassador and I invite you too, to be ambassadors of beauty and refined taste in our future cities, by supporting the Association’s programs.” – Raluca Antonescu


Camelia has been supporting De-a Arhitectura Association since 2014, initially being part of the business environment, subsequently crossing the border and becoming part of the team.

“The people and the De-a Arhitectura programs drew my attention, from the first day we met. 🙂 I knew they will take roots because they are well built and the results had me convinced after only one year from their launch. At that point I felt even stronger, the urge to get involved dedicating my time, energy, skill and enthusiasm. I feel that I am part of the family and the joy that this feeling gives me is truly rewarding. As, in fact, the honorable appellative De-a Arhitectura Ambassador.” – Camelia Săvoiu


Alina Cristea from Holcim Romania has been joining the De-a Arhitectura Association since 2013, supporting us in punctual projects and engaging as a volunteer in the classroom.

“My collaboration with De-a Arhitectura began in 2013 when I became acquainted with this 10 + grade team, with the association’s program and continued as a volunteer in 2014-2016.

Why: From the very first moment we met, I was drawn to the De-a Arhitectura people and programs. I belive it is very important to learn about the city at school, how it is organized. It’s an extraordinary experience to explore the city with the kids and see it through their eyes, and the classroom experiences are incredibly creative. Every time I left the classroom I had the feeling that “I’m leaving something” and my batteries were recharged 100%.

In my opinion, education in architecture means visual art, urbanism, geometry, dimensions, perception and common sense. I believe in the symbiosis between architecture and engineering and as proof that it works is my involvement in this project, which is mainly addressed to architects. “Alina Cristea


” «[…] I made the museum of geometry!» That’s how it started. Or: «We’ll sign up for next year if we do it with you.» – so the fate was decided for the next year. And «Molicioşii are poeple going to the mall?». Then the letter to the Mayor of Brașov: “… to help him repair and open the citadel, that complaints probably filled his office” and then a “classroom meeting in the Velux meeting room” and a visit to Skytower, the tallest building in town … and the list can go on with “God, this is beautiful, it’s something else! Since when I’m in school, I was expecting such a course! “

In short, for a few years, De-a arhitectura has become my source of professional joy and inspiration. To offer the community some of the gift I received, to be an architect. Allegedly volunteering, because you get more than you offer. It is perhaps the most beautiful way of understanding the phrase «offering you will acquire». And not a little.

There is a lot of positive energy, but all that happens is because somebody somehow worked to think and start this program with everything it means – materials, organization: I have basically received this gift.

Beautiful gift! 🙂 “ Florin Enache