August 21, 2018


We are building through education. Our building grows when:

  • Both children and adults understand and cherish the values of built environment and become active citizens in their local communities
  • Built environment professionals get involved in society through education
  • Games, experiments and creativity foster education


Introducing the architecture and built environment education for children in the school curriculum, as well as inspiring and guiding teachers to use built environment and architecture as resources in the learning process for other school subjects.

Promoting the architecture and built environment education for children in schools, among teachers and architecture professionals.

Nurturing the idea of “quality built environment” as a civic responsibility, aiming to increase the involvement of future citizens in the planning and design processes that will affect their own living environment.

Teaching the children, involved in De-a Arhitectura’s programs, the basic knowledge of architecture and urban planning through direct observation and analysis of the built environment they live in, using this knowledge in a shared creative thinking process, as well as presenting and undertaking the results of their work.

Testing experiential learning methods that use children’s creativity, curiosity, communication skills and team spirit.

Raising awareness over the role of architects in society, starting with the school environment and the children’s families.

Permanent training of architecture and urbanism professionals to a better open dialogue with the public.


We intend to enrich the architectural and urban culture of the Romanian society through the education of children, who are also “opinion leaders” for their parents. Our aim is to help children understand the architecture and the built environment and to connect what they learn in school with the complex processes that transform the environment they live in. As future adults, they will not only be the users of the cities and clients of the architects, but also citizens and decision makers that should be able to actively take part in shaping the place they will live in and to creating communities with a healthy and harmonious life, using both innovation and cultural heritage.

Our programs are designed to support children develop a range of skills and abilities which are less used in the traditional educational process:

  • interpretation and abstract thinking;
  • representation and visual expression, sense of place and space;
  • creativity;
  • the ability to observe, to perceive and critically analyze the built environment, identifying its values;
  • the civic sense and the responsibility towards both built and natural environment;
  • team work and communication skills.

Furthermore, our programs are an open window to a subject that is not included in the school curriculum, a subject that plays an important part in our daily life and it has a big influence on it. Thus, children will learn the specific language of architecture, they will become accustomed with architectural representations and they will enhance their visual culture.


Corina Croitoru – Architect, member of Romanian Order of Architects – Bucharest (OAR-B)
Miruna Grigorescu – Architect, MA in Urban Management, Project Manager AFI Europe, member of Romanian Order of Architects – Bucharest (OAR-B)
Vera Marin – Architect – Architect specialized in Urban Planning, Lecturer, President of ATU, Associated Architect at SQUARE BAU, member of Romanian Urban Planning Register (RUR), Romanian Urban Planners Professional Association (APUR), Union of Romanian Architects (UAR) and Romanian Order of Architects – Bucharest (OAR-B)
Claudia Pamfil – Architect specialized in Urban Planning, Trainer, Director Group for Local Development (GDL)
Mina Sava – Associated Architect at A STIL, President of De-a Arhitectura Association, member of Romanian Order of Architects – Bucharest (OAR-B)
Eliza Yokina – Associated Architect at SYAA, member of Romanian Order of Architects – Bucharest (OAR-B)

Briefly, we are:

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