August 30, 2018


PLAYCE Toolkit

PLAYCE toolkit is perfect for exploring the space around us!

PLAYCE is an international architecture education association. It functions as a network of professionals involved in engaging young people in activities related to the built environment and the public space. PLAYCE was founded in Jyväskylä, Finland, following long discussions between participants who took part in a series of workshops organized in 2003 by the Alvar Aalto Academy together with the Alvaro Aalto Museum.

“Gingerbread’s tour through the Neighborhood” – game-article for AMAG! magazine

Through Gingerbread’s tour through the Neigborhood the children will better understand the concept of collective living, learn about the scale, discover the diversity of the inhabitants and the objects, better understand the difference between family space and public function space.

Amag! is an international online architectural education magazine for children’s founded by the Spaniards of Maushaus (Carlos Arruti şi Anabel Varona) and Osa Menor (Jorge Raedó). The magazine is free of charge and it is a “building material”, a game and a research tool through which children learn about architecture. The magazine is dedicated to children ages 5 to 10 and is made up of A4 articles that can be downloaded, printed and used in various play sessions, at home or at school – a free educational resource („Open Educational Resource”) that educators from all over the world can use it.