De-a Arhitectura in 2018: Events and Conferences

It’s been an intense year for De-a Arhitectura Association in 2018. We’ve attended different conferences and events, from the Venice Biennale Architettura to the International Union of Architects’ (UIA) biannual meetings within the Architecture and Children Program, to the First International Biennale for Architecture Education for Children and Young People.

We were happy to launch our website in English, thus allowing our foreign followers to be better informed about our work and activities, and we are extremely proud to have had two of our programs selected for the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.

Next, you can read a brief overview of the events and conferences we’ve attended last year.

De-a Arhitectura’s Website is Now in English

In November 2018 we were extremely happy to announce to the world that our website had a new language feature and our foreign followers could read about our projects in English.

The language button is to be found on the far right of the Menu bar on the homepage and our readers can switch between Romanian and English. The News (Blog) section will have yearly summaries in English about our activities, such as this one.

Moreover, we invite you to use Google Translate or similar (free services that have been highly improved in the past years) if you want to read in detail about our activities, presented at length in Romanian.

You can always email us at: on the topic of your interest, so we can give you more information on our activities in English.

European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018

In 2018 we were honored to have two of our programs, “De-a arhitectura in the village” (“Playing architecture in the village”) and our Teacher Training Program, selected as being relevant for the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.

The overall objective of the Year is to encourage the sharing and appreciation of Europe’s cultural heritage, to raise awareness of common history and values and to strengthen the sense of belonging in the common European space.” – was the message we received from the National Heritage Institute’s (INP) team.

Read about it in Romanian, here.

De-a Arhitectura at the Venice Biennale Architettura 2018

We were present at the XVI edition of the Venice Biennale Architettura in the Romanian Pavilion thanks to the collaboration with the Mnemonics team, which represented Romania last year. The first phase of the De-a Arhitectura – Mnemonics collaboration was made up of two children’s workshops held on March 27th in Cluj-Napoca and March 30th at the Romanian Order of Architects’ headquarters in Bucharest, where children selected from several De-a Arhitectura classes had to answer through their drawings to the Mnemonics team’s challenge: “How would you like your apartment block to look like in the future?

In the second phase of the collaboration, the 20 drawings resulted following the children’s participation in the two workshops were mixed and transformed by the Mnemonics team into a giant 4×10 meters long drawing that covered one of the walls of the Romanian pavilion, thus continuing to illustrate the evolution of the Romanian collective living with the vision of the future imagined by the kids. Each stage of this evolution was complemented by a short film running in a loop on a small monitor and a collection of cards describing the urban childhood games specific to the period between 1950 and 2000.

Read more in Romanian, here and here.

De-a Arhitectura at “Ludantia. First International Biennale for Architecture Education for Children and Young People”

Our colleagues Mina Sava, president of De-a Arhitectura Association, Brînduşa Havaşi, local De-a Arhitectura coordinator, and Ioana Rizea, De-a Arhitectura School Programs Manager, represented us in Spain, in May, at the Ludantia conference and at the International Union of Architects‘ (UIA) meeting – Architecture and Children program.

The first day of the UIA meeting was dedicated to the sharing of experiences and presentations of BEE (Built Environment Education) activities in each participating country. The next day was devoted to specific working groups for: communication, partners, BEE statistics, teacher education and presentation of the work program at the next UIA Congress in 2020. The Romanian team will be working within the communication group.

At the Ludantia Biennale, educators, psychologists and museum directors from all over the world, from Spain to North, Central and South America, the Nordic countries, Central and Eastern Europe, China and Japan, together with architects and local authorities, presented initiatives and projects developed to familiarize children and young people with the language of architecture and their involvement in making decisions within the built environment in which they live.

More in Romanian, here.

„Child in the City World Conference”

Between September 24th and 26th, the ninth International „Child in the City World Conference” took place in Vienna, Austria. Our colleague, Brînduşa Havaşi, assistant professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning in Timisoara between 2002 and 2014, currently a research assistant on „Architecture and Children. Space as an Educational Environment for Young People”, architect and local De-a Arhitectura coordinator, related in detail in an article on our blog how a friendly city towards young people and children looks like, how public institutions work together for a united approach on this subject and what role authorities play in this process.

Read the entire article in Romanian here.

De-a Arhitectura at the “International Child and Architecture Congress – Sharing the Experiences”

De-a Arhitectura had the pleasure of being present at the “International Child and Architecture Congress – Sharing the Experiences” that took place from 15th to 17th of November 2018 at the Müze Salon, Argos in Cappadocia, Uçhisar-Nevşehir, Turkey, and which was organized by the Turkish Architects’ Chamber (CAT, Tmmob Mimarlar Odası) on the occasion of the biannual meeting of the International Union of Architects (UIA) – Architecture and Children program.

Mina Sava, president of De-a Arhitectura Association and UIA Working Group – Architecture and Children representative of Romania on behalf of the Romanian Order of Architects (OAR), and Eliza Yokina, founding member of De-a Arhitectura Association and substitute member of the Working Group, participated at the event. The topic of educational spaces was the red thread of all those present, illustrating both the preoccupation of architects for their transformation through participatory design with pupils (Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary), as well as the involvement of parents and the community in finding solutions for adequate and attractive educational environments (Hong Kong).

The UIA Working Group received three new members from Asia: Benin, South Korea and Hong Kong. As always, the UIA meeting was opened with very brief and succinct presentations of built environment education projects from each participating country, carried out since the last meeting, as well as the reports of the region’s directors, Africa and Asia.

More in Romanian, here.