De-a Arhitectura Club 2018: Workshops

De-a Arhitectura Association is organizing workshops each year for the children who are not studying in our educational programs, be it in connection with architecture and design events, be it in collaboration with different other partners.

Read stories from our workshops in Romanian, here.

Romanian National Art Museum: “De-a arhitectura at the Museum” Workshop

In March 2018, at the European Art Gallery of the Romanian National Art Museum (MNAR), we carried out the workshop “De-a arhitectura at the museum” (“Playing architecture at the museum”). The activity had a well-defined purpose, namely to introduce to the participating children the basic principles of perspective.

Details in Romanian, here.

Amag!: “Gingerbread’s Tour Through the Neighborhood” Workshop

Gingerbread’s tour through the neighborhood” is a workshop we developed for the international magazine “Amag!”, an online magazine dedicated to architecture education for children, founded by the Spaniards of Maushaus and Osa Menor. The kids participating in the workshops were amazed and happy to find out that Gingerbread was a very curious cat who really liked walking around the neighborhood. They were invited to join Gingerbread’s group of friends on their tour, while they all tasted a piece of gingerbread (the sweet, not the cat) and listened to “Everybody wants to be a cat” from the film “Aristocats”.

Details in Romanian, here.

The Museums’ Night: “#Amuzzee – Museum of Geometry” Workshop

In connection to “The Museums’ Night”, a European event that takes place each year, we were invited by the Romanian National Art Museum to organize a workshop. “#Amuzzee – Museum of Geometry” was addressed to children and young people, but likewise encouraged curious parents to take part alongside their offsprings.

Details in Romanian, here.

“Building Reticulated Structures” Workshop

De-a Arhitectura joined the National Event addressed to children with high abilities and their parents, in Iasi, through a workshop that opened the event on 8th of June 2018. The activities were aimed both at children and their parents, having the role to connect the participants to each other, while building reticulated structures made of newspapers.

More details in Romanian, here.

Street Delivery x UAUIM Bucharest: “Adopt a De-a arhitectura House” Initiative and “Deconstruct and Build” Workshop

In June we were invited to attend the Street Delivery x UAUIM Bucharest event which succeeds each year to close down for three days certain streets in the Romanian capital and restore them to their citizens for a festival of activities. As soon as the last pupil presentation was completed during our Bucharest Exhibition end of the school year event, our team moved the remaining models and the entire exhibition under the porch of the “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism (UAUIM).

“Adopt a De-a arhitectura house” was our initiative at last year’s Street Delivery event, together with the “Deconstruct and Build” workshop, where children reused the card boards employed in the exhibition as a display system and, together with their parents, built a labyrinth using Makedo connection systems.

Details in Romanian, here.

De-a Arhitectura at the Bucharest Architecture Annual: “Children’s Prize” and “Teen Prize”

In July, together with the Bucharest Branch of the Romanian Order of Architects, we invited children and teenagers (5-18 years old) from Bucharest to take part in a drawing workshop in connection to the 16th edition of the Bucharest Architecture Annual.

At the end of the day, the children participating in the workshop chose the winning projects that were awarded the “Children’s Prize” and the “Teen Prize” and handed out these prizes in front of architects and designers, at the Bucharest 2018 Architecture Annual Award Gala.

More details in Romanian, here.

Children with Type 1 Diabetes Camp: “Invisible Cities” Workshop

Last year, De-a Arhitectura held a workshop at the “Children with Type 1 Diabetes Camp” in partnership with Lions Club 360 Cluj-Napoca. In addition to education specific to nutrition, insulin administration or physical exercise, children aged 7 to 18 were engaged in a series of creative and socializing activities. The exercises were based on texts extracted from Italo Calvino’s book “Invisible Cities”.

Details in Romanian, here.

ARCEN’s “Block Party in District 40”: “Do Not Be Upset, Neighbor!” Workshop

In October, we organized as part of the “Block Party in District 40” event in Bucharest and in partnership with ARCEN, two workshops for 9 to 12 year old children, entitled “Do not be upset, neighbor!”. For two days, a portion of the I. L. Caragiale street was shut down, “freed” from cars and rendered back to the people, a good opportunity for the residents of the neighborhood and not only, to bind friendships to each other, to go out to play and dance on the street, take part in conferences, movie screenings and to read poetry.

More about this in Romanian, here.

Architecture.6: „Planet City” Workshop

Each year we invent news workshops for children in order to aid expand their experience and help them better navigate our complex world. „Planet City” was dedicated to children aged 6-9 and we were happy to organize it in Sibiu, in connection to Architecture.6, a biennial architectural event which presents the best architectural projects carried out in the last two years by architects in the counties of Brasov, Covasna, Harghita, Mures, Sibiu and Valcea.

More in Romanian, here.

BETA – The Timisoara Architecture Biennial: “How We Live” Workshop

We are very proud to have organized in October, in partnership with BETA – The Timisoara Architecture Biennial and in connection to their “On Housing” exhibition, a workshop dedicated to children aged 6-10. “How we live” invited kids to tell the story of their favorite character and how it lives. Through experiential learning methods that used creativity, curiosity, communication abilities and team spirit, the workshop introduced concepts related to the colonization of a space, dimensions, relations between housing-neighborhood, intimacy, distance, etc, challenging the children to negotiate these attributes with each other.

More details in Romanian, here.

Pinocchio House Placement Center: Scenography Workshop

In December, our architects from the Valcea County met 19 children aged 10 to 18 at the Pinocchio House Placement Center in Babeni, where they worked together during a scenography workshop. The workshop is the first from a series of workshops where our architects will be a constant presence alongside the children and will help them get familiarized with notions of architecture and built environment.

Details in Romanian, here.