August 30, 2018


Raluca Antonescu, „De-a PR-ul”

Why would today’s children be the PRs of tomorrow? Raluca Antonescu, a good friend of our Association, is convinced that “They could change the world. Seriously, they really could.” How does the world change from the position of a man of communication, why is a beautiful job, in which you are continually developing as a person in relation to other people and which would be the first steps in this direction, tells us Raluca Antonescu.

Mădălina Marcu, „De-a fundraising-ul”

We met Mădălina Marcu at the course she taught us about raising funds from the community. We were enchanted. Then we found out something about her work in the NGO area, and because we are curious we managed to convince her to spare some time from her busy schedule to share some insight about her work.

Daniela Stoicescu, „De-a profesorul”

Daniela is one of our first supporters (through promotion on the infinite-edu website, through helpinig us with the training) who understood our approach and communicated well with us from the first moment. Daniela is the principal of the Aletheia School in Bucharest.

Carmina Vakulovski, „De-a doamna învăţătoare”

We met Carmina in 2014 when we gathered in the Tower of the Catherine Gate in Brașov to have a talk, a talk about De-a arhitectura, along with some architects and teachers. She had taught the course “De-a arhitectura in my City” in 2013-2014 to the 3rd grade and was participating in the debate with inspectors and other officials from the Ministry of Education and County School Inspectorates on the future of our primary education course. We prepared the tutorial training workshops together in the autumn of 2014. We were impressed by her professionalism, her energy and her understanding of her role as educator.

Cătălina Ulrich, „De-a profesoara”

Cătălina Ulrich, a Ph.D. professor who heads the Department of Education Sciences of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Bucharest, is one of the oldest (and constant) partners of De-a Arhitectura. We urge you to read carefully the thoughts that she shared with us, important as a personal model, but also valuable for the constant debate on the reform of the Romanian education and as a model for the ideal teacher.

Corina Drocaş, „De-a psihopedagogul”

Corina Drocaş is one of the brightest people involved in De-a arhitectura courses, through the exciting results she has achieved. She teamed up with volunteer architect Ioana Ciurea in Cluj-Napoca. The teaching materials developed for the course “De-a arhitectura in my City” have been adapted and used with patience and dedication in a classroom of disabled children. The way the course made them realize that the knowledge gained in school has relevance and applicability in the real world, and the openness it has brought to the city has been beneficial for students and has brought satisfaction to the two venturesome.

Raluca Iacob, „De-a managerul cultural”

Raluca Iacob is the founder of the “MetruCub – Resources for Culture” Association, which coordinates the project “Support Culture in Education”, an initiative to which the De-a Arhitectura Association is a partner organization. With an unusual title for those who look at this field with skepticism, cultural manager, Raluca manages to connect individuals and network people and associates who want and can bring more culture to the school environment.